About Us

About Us

Proverb is a leading European provider of language and localisation services. Its services include technical translations, desktop publishing and foreign language typesetting, as well as localisation of websites and software products, interpreter services and language advisory services with a focus on the technical area.

Our European branches are part of an international network that has been providing language services to well-known clients from industry and commerce and institutions for over 20 years.

Our client base consists of numerous medium-sized companies in the plant construction and machine building industry, manufacturers and providers in the automotive, information technology and trading sectors, research and educational institutions as well as service providers from the consulting and services area.

Regardless of the scope and complexity of the project, we adhere to the following three basic principles for all of our clients:

Without exception, all translations are prepared by native speakers. In other words: Documents which are to be translated into English will only be translated by a British or US native speaker, and similarly by a French native speaker for documents to be translated into the French language.

Each translation is prepared by a technical translator who has obtained industry-specific training in the respective field. That means: Translations for the automotive industry will be done by native speakers with an engineering degree, and translation for chemical companies by graduate chemists, etc.

Each translation is reviewed for linguistic correctness and proofread by a second translator. In cases where several formulations may be possible, we will always select the one which best reflects the spirit of the text.

Based on these three principles, we are able to guarantee very high quality translations and ensure that the translation is not only correct but as a whole also reflects the essence of the piece.

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