Company Profile

Company Profile

Proverbs are thoughts expressed in words, which convey common sense and practical experience in an original and succinct manner. We selected this name for our company because it expresses the motivation behind our business.

Proverb consists of individuals who are committed to international communication. Co-founder Alexander Heiler's commitment to the company's clients is also complemented by his additional activities. In his free time, the internationally honoured musician also works as a committed trainer and golf teacher for people with disabilities. "The key factors behind success are technique, constant training and the will to always be the best at anything you are doing", he likes to say. "You should never use your competition as a reference point, but rather look to yourself as the person who dictates the level of performance."

Co-founder Deborah Yates is a graduate translator with extensive overseas experience and language know-how that she continues to expand. She is convinced that "excellent quality and precision for technical translations are based on knowledge and constant professional development."

The two founders have been establishing an international network of professional translators and interpreters in the G-20 states since 1991. As a language service provider, Proverb specialises in specialist translations and localisation services with a focus on the technical area.

You would like to learn more about our company and our services? Then feel free to click your way through our different business segments Project Management, Technical Translation, Terminology Management and Special Solutions.